Join the Movement…

Each one of us wants to make a significant impact in the lives of those who live among us. It is the reason why we work, invest time and effort into building deep relationships, effective partnerships, and networks of influence.

Our organization is a mix of students, young professionals, consecrated church leaders and missionaries who have invested time and effort into building deep relationships with young people to be the change they desire to see in themselves, their homes, churches and communities. We know that leaders are not born; they are made. We are trying to enable a new generation of leaders, some of whom have already shown potential, who in Mrs. White’s words, can put new life into old methods of labor, and can invent new plans and new methods of awakening the interest of church members and reaching the men and women of the world…(MR311.33).

I’d like to share with you about the impact SAYJ made this last year in Northeast India. We wanted to inspire young people to take time out of their busy day to build friendship based small groups where Jesus is shared. After one week of intensive training we have 150 young people meeting in small groups all over Northeast India sharing the gospel. These groups allow our young people to share Christ in a non-threatening way and to learn the essential art of witnessing to others.

Would you help us mentor more young people to do the same? We promise that every effort you put into this campaign will bring a return of souls won for God’s Kingdom. We are working with young people to train them so that they can take advantage of opportunities to be successful not only in this life but in the life to come. We are combining real-world skills of public speaking, management, leadership, entrepreneurship intertwined with the skills of witnessing, urban and rural evangelism, direct selling to give these young people the well-rounded experience they need to be successful in life. You may be asked to recruit other volunteers, canvass donors, or talk to your friends and neighbors about what you hope to see from this campaign in South Asia.

I got my start empowering young people to plant a church in a community while at Southern Adventist University–a long way from Assam, Northeast India. As youth leader & organizer, I know it all starts in our own backyards. Committing to a campaign is a huge first step, but it’s the decisions we make from that point on that determine success.

Whether you’re a first-time supporter or a veteran volunteer, this campaign belongs to you. You own it, and you power it.